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project & workshop leader,

teacher, mentor & dramaturg

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With her co-writer, Peter Spafford, Mary won the Granada New Voices Award in 1997. The resulting drama, Alarmed, was broadcast in 1998.












In 1998 she wrote two community-based films; Women in Mind, commissioned by Mind, based on the stories of several women’s experiences within the mental health system, and Getting Out, a short film made with young people in Barnsley.  Getting Out went on to be winner of its category at the Co-op Young People’s Film festival 1998.


Channel Four Education commissioned and broadcast an adaptation of her stage play, Forever, in 2001.

More recently, screen versions of several of her short stage plays, commissioned by charities, have been made. In 2010 Missing Out, commissioned by Action for Prisoners’ Families, won the IVCA Award for Best Drama.














Missing Out by Mary Cooper (excerpt)

Action for Prisoners' Families















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